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Premium Electrode Pads Square Series 2x2 Inches (4 per pack) (20-30 Uses) - CLICK to Select Quantity Needed
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White Cloth 1.75 X 1.75 Inch Electrodes 4 Per Pack Premium Electrode Pads (20-30 Uses) - CLICK to Select Quantity Needed
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Round Series 2 Inches Premium Electrode Pads (20-30 Uses) - CLICK to Select Quantity Needed (4 per pack)
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"Special" Lower Back Pain Strip Electrode 1.5” x 14” Inches - White Foam Topping - 1 Per Pack
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If you purchase High Quality Electrode Pads, they last long and your unit works better. You use your machine more, and save money in the long-run.

LGMedSupply carries the Highest Quality Electrode Pads on the Market. Our Electrode Pads contain the best gels and are very sticky to provide added comfort, reusability and performance you deserve. LGMedSupply Electrode Pads are Non-Irritating to the skin. Each Electrode Pad lasts up to 20 times or treatments.

Quality means less replacement costs down the line. Electrodes should go along way. Don't settle for less. Buy LGMedSupply Premium Electrode Pads Today!


Electrodes are replaceable and something we need to hightlight cause EVERYONE needs to replace electrodes and we have the best electrodes.

The electrodes are put in different p laces on your skin.

  • Where the electrodes are placed depends on the type and location of your pain. The electrodes may be placed to "cover" or "surround" the painful area. This works very well with muscle pain, spasms, or painful joints as in arthritis. Or, the electrodes may be placed to "capture" the pain as with the pain of a surgery incision (cut). The electrodes may be put between an injured nerve and the brain when a nerve has been hurt.
  • Putting the electrodes in the correct place is very important. If the electrodes are put in the wrong place your pain may not be lessened. The pain could even get worse if the electrodes are placed incorrectly. The electrodes should never be put near the eyes. The electrodes should also not be put over the nerves from the neck to the throat or brain